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Poured Out

One beautiful morning I took my time to listen to the lyrics of a song whose writer or singer I’m yet to know (one of those many songs you get from a friend’s phone)!

Let me share some lines of the song with you, hoping you will meditate on them and do something about the message:

‘Don’t want to get to heaven with my life all full
Full of visions and dreams…
Full of songs and businesses that could change the world but I held on to because I got comfortable and complacent……
I want to live a life poured out’

It is usually said that the cemetery is the richest place because of the many unsung songs, unfulfilled dreams, unrevealed ideas etc. But what could be more beautiful than dying empty, having been and done all I was created to be and do even if it is just to one person! Please know that the Creator loaded you with too much for just you to enjoy. You have so much to offer and never be depleted for your own life and living.

Much Love,
T. H. A. D. A

My thoughts

Testing Mic…1,2

I’m sure we know who says that or when it is said- in almost every gathering, there is a need for voices to be amplified so the microphone is used. I have come to know that whoever holds the microphone has a lot of power. To a very large extent, whoever holds the microphone commands a lot of attention irrespective of his or her age. Every one under the sound of his or her voice impulsively respond to whatever is being said. Just in case you have not noticed, watch out for the proof the next time you are somewhere with someone holding a microphone.

I believe this is only a general observation but I want us to learn from it. First, I want to ask you a question: if you are given a one-time opportunity to hold a microphone( knowing that many will listen to you and the majority will do whatever you say) and address the world in 5 minutes, what would you say? Addressing the world might look far-fetched but what about those times you are privileged to hold the microphone? Whenever the next opportunity presents itself, please make the most of it speaking the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Please speak to the audience respectfully but beyond saying just anything, leave them with something they will always remember for good!!!

Then the second is also a question that only you can answer: who is holding the microphone in your life? Who has the loudest voice in your life? Who’s voice catches your attention the most? The two possible answers are God or the devil! It’s either you are permitting  God on the microphone which could mean you are spending good time in His presence (in the Word, Worship and Prayer) and with people that say what He can say; or you are permitting the devil which  could mean that you are spending more time with things and people that say things that only the person of the devil can say!!! Life is full of choices but please remember that the choice of the who will be the loudest voice in your life is one you cannot be indecisive about….. Selah

Much Love,
T. H. A. D.A

My thoughts


I’m not exactly sure where my love for acronyms started but I’m loving it seriously because of the suspense that comes with it…

Ok…do you want to dare to try to break this acronym? Hmmm like I said with M.O.F., I’m sure this would have to be by divine revelation because only the Holy Spirit that inspired it can reveal it to you (no beefs, I’m not trying to be spiritual).

T.U.T-G.A.I means The Unbeatable Team- God And I! (anybody thinks he or she guessed right?). The Bible says in Phillipians 4:13(Amp)- I have strength for all things in Christ who empowers me(I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses inner strength into me;.I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency)…

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Just thought to remind you that when God is all you have, you have all you need! With God on your side and you on His side, there are no limits to what you can achieve, the grounds you can cover, the people you can reach, the access to resources you can enjoy and very importantly, the joy and peace you will know! God is enough for you and what could be more reassuring than knowing that He who has everything and everyone under His control, has your back?

Much Love,

My words


I don’t need a prophet to tell me that 99.9% of those who will see this would not guess what this acronym is, correctly. Really wish I could wait for our suggestions but let me save you the mental stress…..

Many families have traditions that they celebrate no matter what happens! In my Church and the Ministry my Husband coordinates, there is one tradition that can never die because it’s one assurance that everyone that comes smiles and most times laughs before they leave…. That tradition is Meeting Of Friends!!!!

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Every time we meet there’s always an opportunity to put a smile on people’s faces. And the truth is every single person at every meeting (except you come late because there is never African time with us☺) gets to smile and most times laugh whenever this happens. Quite a number of people claim they don’t like that tradition but whenever they are made to do it, they find out they actually love it!!!!

I’m sure you lead people no matter how many they are. So try putting in M.O.F every time you call a meeting. You will find out nobody leaves unnoticed or uncared for. Very importantly, your joy as the leader overflows as you see a lot of shinning teeth.

NB: Let it be timed so that the entire meeting does not become M.O.F!!!!!!

Much Love,
T. H. A. D. A

My thoughts


With every passing day, I am reminded of the salient truth that everyone has a story!!! Every human you see walking on the road is a product of different life experiences, many of which are ugly or not-sweet though some are really great experiences. But the truth most of the time is that we don’t get to look like what we have been through (Thank God we don’t!!!!!). Especially when we have allowed God to teach us the lessons and bring life-changing messages out of our messes.

I’m writing this to remind us that we are almost never in a position to judge anybody. I watched an interview on one of the TV stations in Nigeria, of a man I have known since I was a child, some hours ago. I was amazed to discover that this man has great values and hearing him speak helped me understand why he does what he does. Now I must say that he has great intentions and his reasons are laudable though I would not do what he is doing. But I learnt a lot from him.

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Please before you condemn that bad girl or that bad guy that you see in your area or in church or on TV, try to find out her story or his story. I know this might not be absolutely feasible so please do these two things ALWAYS- pray for them and don’t join people to talk ill of them!!! No doubt some people really do some nasty things that are seemingly inexcusable but the truth also is that nobody is exactly wired to be BAD or do bad things. Many times the bad guys never imagined themselves as being bad and it’s more likely than not that they want to be good again.

Please go ahead now (and always) to love the ‘ Bad’ people you know enough to pray for them. Your love and prayers can bring them back to their senses.

You also have a Story you know….. if you can, please share it because there is at least one person that needs,to hear it to hope again. If not, don’t condemn others until you have heard theirs (please from their own mouths).

Much Love,
T. H. A. D. A

My words


Just in case you knew but forgot or you are seeing this word for the first time, Alibi means Excuses!!!

Right from the first humans that God created, we have been giving excuses for doing what we should not do and for not doing what we should. The interesting part is that most times, if not every time, those excuses look tenable and we feel others should understand. One thing I really want to emphasize here is that many times we want people to understand our excuses but we don’t want to accept their reasons for not being or doing their best. Really I believe excuses should not be part of our lives-we should give everything we commit to, our best always and when we fall short, we should take responsibility and not pass the blame. This is because there is always a better approach to getting things done but most times we are lazy and procrastinate. So as men and women of integrity that we are supposed to be, let’s be careful in committing ourselves to people or tasks. When we choose to commit ourselves, let’s do our BEST ALWAYS.

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Before I close this, I have been taught to make excuses for people who ‘fall my hand’. Hmmmm….. I guess this is a diplomatic way of telling me not to flare up when things don’t happen how and when I want them to. Well if we remember that we are humans and not everyone knows what we know, it’s a great piece of advise. So the next time someone who you have given so much does not deliver when you demand results, find excuses for them but also teach them that they should work at working excellently, not giving excuses and very importantly take responsibility for their shortcomings.

Rise above every limitation as far as you can. Go as far as you can in stretching yourself and don’t quit till you reach breaking point.

Let this be your confession- I have no reason not to be and do my best always!!!!

Much Love,
T. H. A. D. A

My words

Nobody is a NOBODY!!!

In the few decades I have spent on earth,I have met so many people- wondering if uncountable wouldn’t be an exaggeration! Though I cannot remember those I met before I went into Secondary school, I discovered that some can remember me. Just recently, a classmate of mine in nursery school, who is now married to a colleague, still remembered

My husband and I (2008)…we were not married then!

There seems to be so much that time and chance straighten out. Quite a number of my Secondary school mates that did not ‘look the part’ (I mean looking at them then, it did not look like they would go too far academically, socially, financially and even naturally). But I’m short of words when I see the transformation in those people today. They have indeed metamorphosed into great and beautiful people.

My husband and I (2011)…the year we got married!

So my message to you is that you should not think of anyone as a NOBODY. Given time and right opportunities, there is a chance or potential for greatness in everybody. Dear Ladies, don’t think less of guys that don’t have what you want yet especially when the they have God and have vision.

My husband and I (2012)…my first pregnancy!

Anytime I look at my husband’s picture of about 7years ago, I thank God that I saw beyond what he looked like then (though he was really cute) because his cuteness then is NOTHING compared to how handsome he is now- Praise God!!!!! Not only is he more handsome, he has been an Amazing Husband, Great Dad, Terrific Pastor and a Man whose impact is growing in leaps and bounds…… He is my Pride!!!! So if you say no to a guy, let it be for the right reasons and please treat him right. Don’t let him feel less of a man because you don’t want to marry him. There is another lady who would honor him as the king of her life and with how small the world is,there’s a great tendency your paths would cross later in life. When that happens, it would be better and sweeter if you can exchange pleasantries and share one another’s stories of greatness.

My husband and I (2015)…looking forward to more amazing years!

Please treat everyone right, you never know who they are or who they will be!!!