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First Lines About Me…

I am Titilope Adigun (Used to be Titilope Oladepo). I am forever, happily married to Oluwatimilehin Adigun. God put two (at least for now) Amazing Children in our care – David Eriifeoluwa and Esther Ewaifeoluwa!!!


I am one woman that God blessed with great in-laws and a great family. I am privileged to be an help meet to a Man God is using for countless lives though I always wished that my husband would not be a pastor. Though a Pharmacist by profession, I am a Wife, Mother and Partner-in-ministry by calling.


I am a great combination of Strengths and weaknesses which help me celebrate my uniqueness. I liked who I was, love who I am as I patiently wait for the unveiling of who God is making me to be!!!


Welcome to my world! I know that you will always be glad every time you come in here………


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