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Celebrate THEM….

Everyday people lose important people in their lives. Death is one enemy that even some who wish she visits hardly ever open the door to her when she comes around- nobody really wants to die! Somewhere in our subconscious minds, we live as though death does not exist which could be good but when the unexpected happens, we are quickly jolted back to the reality of that one time appointment we as humans have with death.

I’m not writing to stir up emotions especially for those whose loved ones passed on prematurely, mysteriously or in situations that could have been averted. Please accept my condolences. I am writing to let us know that while there is life, we should celebrate the people (old and young) in our lives. I have never heard of any parents or grandparents or even great grandparents requesting that they want their burial ceremonies to be grand and more expensive than any birthday they have ever celebrated probably specifying who they want to sing at their burial party. It is obviously more honorable to shower them, overwhelmingly if need be, with unconditional love, time and money while they are alive than it is to spend millions on buying them multimillion naira caskets to house their lifeless bodies which would become bones in a matter of days.

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Please celebrate your husband daily.

Please celebrate your wife-let her know how special she is as many times as you can both in BIG and little ways #winks.

Please celebrate your children- let them know how much of a blessing they are. Let them know you are proud of them in spite of their childish shortcomings. In fact, pour extra doses of love on that child that you probably wish God did not give you maybe because of some serious health challenges. Your love, even sometimes without your money, can make life more meaningful to them.

Family laughing at home
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Celebrate your colleagues! Celebrate your Parents(some are spending the latter part of their lives taking care of your children)! Celebrate every one that makes life easier, better and more beautiful for you in any and every way! Give surprises. Put smiles on their faces. Don’t let it be that the only time people know there are such people in your life is when you announce their passing away. Don’t celebrate their lives on obituary announcements and IVs but on their birthdays and other special days. You can even go the extra mile by making every contact with them special.

Don’t lose them before you value them!!!!


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