My words

Surprise! Surprise!! Surprise!!!

Hmmm…. it’s not been easy giving him a surprise in my 10 years of knowing this Rare Gem- My Oluwatimilehin(God’s-got-My-back)!!!!

I really hope this comes in as a surprise to him. I know I will never lose you but I choose to celebrate you with my first poem ever (don’t remember ever writing one before this). Please don’t laugh,just enjoy this piece:


Oluwatimilehin, Oluwamayomikun, John Adigun
Blessed indeed is the womb that bore you
Blessed indeed is the hand that nurtured you
Blessed is the back that carried you

Blessed and to be celebrated is the day I met you
My Best Friend of 10years
My Fiance for 4years
My Husband for 4 years and all years

Ifeoluwasimi, Father of Eriifeoluwa and Ewaifeoluwa,
Love indeed oozes out of you
World’s Greatest Dad you are
Wanting the best for all who call you father
Anything to make their lives better


What a great honor to be an help meet
To the one God specially anointed to meet needs
Awesome privilege to be ONE
With the one who has God as his No. 1

Your heart is so large
You try to find a place for others on the branch
Not judging anyone
Simply loving everyone

The image and glory of God
The epitome of love and grace to humanity
Quick to trust and believe the best of all
Yielding to the Spirit, a true son of God

Some call you Uncle, Father, Mentor
Others call you Friend, Brother, Pastor
I adore you as my King, my Lover
I stand by my commitment to help you as long as I live

TiTiMi Family

Please never forget, Always remember
Your heart is safe with me
All the days of my life, I will bring you good not harm
After God alone, you have my highest honor and greatest respect
Your God will be my God
Where you lead I will follow
I am one human that will always have your back



68 thoughts on “Surprise! Surprise!! Surprise!!!”

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Sis Titi has my brother blushing! Nice piece sis! Well done! God has the TiTiMi family’s back. God bless you both for being a blessing to many. Plenty love!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good, am happy about ur wife mr timi and am praying to marry a good wife that will support me like ur wife did to you. Thanks for knowing that u married a great man. Good wife


  3. Nice word, may God bless ur family in jesus name and I pray to have a good wife that can love me and support me the way ur wife did. Thanks to ur wife


  4. Awesome couple! Wonderful marriage! Beautiful family! Great write-up Sis Titi, may your home continue to glow with God’s love and brightness, lightning up nations all over the world and may ‘mine’ be a direct replica of this. Thanks for teaching us what it means to be a help meet.


  5. One thing I pray for is a wife with the same mindset as you. I don’t know you personally but I know you’re a wonderful woman. God bless you for this piece.


  6. Awesome piece ma. This definitely doesn’t feel like a first time. Thanks ma for being a blessing to so many and counting. God bless you.


  7. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn!!! Beautiful Aunt mi’ trust me; you got tears out of my eyes. I celebrate you for seeing all these and more in my mentor’s life. God Bless You Ma.


  8. Wow!!!Great One Ma,May d Lord increase u in knowledge nd undastndin,ur marriage wil continue to flourish,nd u wil nt mourn over ur gr8 husbnd,ur Two gr8 nations.,even d one’s dt ar on d way.Am xo api 4u,I desire such a hapi ome wit much of God,Maturity nd Love.D Lord wil Kip u 2geda TITILAI!


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