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Just in case you knew but forgot or you are seeing this word for the first time, Alibi means Excuses!!!

Right from the first humans that God created, we have been giving excuses for doing what we should not do and for not doing what we should. The interesting part is that most times, if not every time, those excuses look tenable and we feel others should understand. One thing I really want to emphasize here is that many times we want people to understand our excuses but we don’t want to accept their reasons for not being or doing their best. Really I believe excuses should not be part of our lives-we should give everything we commit to, our best always and when we fall short, we should take responsibility and not pass the blame. This is because there is always a better approach to getting things done but most times we are lazy and procrastinate. So as men and women of integrity that we are supposed to be, let’s be careful in committing ourselves to people or tasks. When we choose to commit ourselves, let’s do our BEST ALWAYS.

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Before I close this, I have been taught to make excuses for people who ‘fall my hand’. Hmmmm….. I guess this is a diplomatic way of telling me not to flare up when things don’t happen how and when I want them to. Well if we remember that we are humans and not everyone knows what we know, it’s a great piece of advise. So the next time someone who you have given so much does not deliver when you demand results, find excuses for them but also teach them that they should work at working excellently, not giving excuses and very importantly take responsibility for their shortcomings.

Rise above every limitation as far as you can. Go as far as you can in stretching yourself and don’t quit till you reach breaking point.

Let this be your confession- I have no reason not to be and do my best always!!!!

Much Love,
T. H. A. D. A


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