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I don’t need a prophet to tell me that 99.9% of those who will see this would not guess what this acronym is, correctly. Really wish I could wait for our suggestions but let me save you the mental stress…..

Many families have traditions that they celebrate no matter what happens! In my Church and the Ministry my Husband coordinates, there is one tradition that can never die because it’s one assurance that everyone that comes smiles and most times laughs before they leave…. That tradition is Meeting Of Friends!!!!

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Every time we meet there’s always an opportunity to put a smile on people’s faces. And the truth is every single person at every meeting (except you come late because there is never African time with us☺) gets to smile and most times laugh whenever this happens. Quite a number of people claim they don’t like that tradition but whenever they are made to do it, they find out they actually love it!!!!

I’m sure you lead people no matter how many they are. So try putting in M.O.F every time you call a meeting. You will find out nobody leaves unnoticed or uncared for. Very importantly, your joy as the leader overflows as you see a lot of shinning teeth.

NB: Let it be timed so that the entire meeting does not become M.O.F!!!!!!

Much Love,
T. H. A. D. A


10 thoughts on “M.O.F!!!”

  1. I really hope I’m replying to the post about M.O.F,cause I’m trying to locate my way round this large room…
    *smiles* y’ello aunty titi,never knew you had a blog,I’ve enjoyed myself reading through as much as I can for now,but I surely must comment on M.O.F….(Laughing) if only people could see my naughty naughty heart whenever uncle Timi asks us to meet friends,they would probably see my two fists out ready to fight him if I could,he caught the expression on my face one of the days and I had to laugh,buh seriously I have a secret testimony (winks)from M.O.F therapy.Aunty titi please I only want you to beg uncle Timi,that in subsequent national workers retreat,cause I’m certain that we will at least be trice d size we were at d last conference,and he’ll likewise increase d number of friends to meet.Aunty titi please beg him to just leave it at 50 persons per day, please!!!!!,though something tells me my plea is in vain,I can already picture having to meet 150 friends(sobbing)… OK please beg him to let us have a sachet of water each after the exercise(dabbing my eyes)….(Please sorry my own comment turns out to be a letter…that’s what happens when you’ve missed a loved one for so long*winks*)


    1. Awww….. this letter made a good read this morning. Read it with my husband so he’s gotten your message. Let’s wait till then, you can be sure he will do as the Spirit leads and who knows he might give a pack of juice instead of a satchet of water….God bless you dear


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