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With every passing day, I am reminded of the salient truth that everyone has a story!!! Every human you see walking on the road is a product of different life experiences, many of which are ugly or not-sweet though some are really great experiences. But the truth most of the time is that we don’t get to look like what we have been through (Thank God we don’t!!!!!). Especially when we have allowed God to teach us the lessons and bring life-changing messages out of our messes.

I’m writing this to remind us that we are almost never in a position to judge anybody. I watched an interview on one of the TV stations in Nigeria, of a man I have known since I was a child, some hours ago. I was amazed to discover that this man has great values and hearing him speak helped me understand why he does what he does. Now I must say that he has great intentions and his reasons are laudable though I would not do what he is doing. But I learnt a lot from him.

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Please before you condemn that bad girl or that bad guy that you see in your area or in church or on TV, try to find out her story or his story. I know this might not be absolutely feasible so please do these two things ALWAYS- pray for them and don’t join people to talk ill of them!!! No doubt some people really do some nasty things that are seemingly inexcusable but the truth also is that nobody is exactly wired to be BAD or do bad things. Many times the bad guys never imagined themselves as being bad and it’s more likely than not that they want to be good again.

Please go ahead now (and always) to love the ‘ Bad’ people you know enough to pray for them. Your love and prayers can bring them back to their senses.

You also have a Story you know….. if you can, please share it because there is at least one person that needs,to hear it to hope again. If not, don’t condemn others until you have heard theirs (please from their own mouths).

Much Love,
T. H. A. D. A


7 thoughts on “STORIES……”

  1. I didn’t know aunty Titi had a blog, always wondered though… really liked M.O.F and TUT-GAI, but this one is very special cuz it struck a really sensitive chord in my heart. At some point in my life I was a victim of judgement and gossip cuz of mistakes I made and it had been hard to come to the point of forgiving the people that hurt me with their words and actions but reading this post has made me realize that I hadn’t been praying for them and so I could not forgive when I could not first love them… thank you so much for sharing this. P.s – what does T.H.A.D.A mean?


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