My thoughts

Poured Out

One beautiful morning I took my time to listen to the lyrics of a song whose writer or singer I’m yet to know (one of those many songs you get from a friend’s phone)!

Let me share some lines of the song with you, hoping you will meditate on them and do something about the message:

‘Don’t want to get to heaven with my life all full
Full of visions and dreams…
Full of songs and businesses that could change the world but I held on to because I got comfortable and complacent……
I want to live a life poured out’

It is usually said that the cemetery is the richest place because of the many unsung songs, unfulfilled dreams, unrevealed ideas etc. But what could be more beautiful than dying empty, having been and done all I was created to be and do even if it is just to one person! Please know that the Creator loaded you with too much for just you to enjoy. You have so much to offer and never be depleted for your own life and living.

Much Love,
T. H. A. D. A


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