My thoughts

Testing Mic…1,2

I’m sure we know who says that or when it is said- in almost every gathering, there is a need for voices to be amplified so the microphone is used. I have come to know that whoever holds the microphone has a lot of power. To a very large extent, whoever holds the microphone commands a lot of attention irrespective of his or her age. Every one under the sound of his or her voice impulsively respond to whatever is being said. Just in case you have not noticed, watch out for the proof the next time you are somewhere with someone holding a microphone.

I believe this is only a general observation but I want us to learn from it. First, I want to ask you a question: if you are given a one-time opportunity to hold a microphone( knowing that many will listen to you and the majority will do whatever you say) and address the world in 5 minutes, what would you say? Addressing the world might look far-fetched but what about those times you are privileged to hold the microphone? Whenever the next opportunity presents itself, please make the most of it speaking the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Please speak to the audience respectfully but beyond saying just anything, leave them with something they will always remember for good!!!

Then the second is also a question that only you can answer: who is holding the microphone in your life? Who has the loudest voice in your life? Who’s voice catches your attention the most? The two possible answers are God or the devil! It’s either you are permitting  God on the microphone which could mean you are spending good time in His presence (in the Word, Worship and Prayer) and with people that say what He can say; or you are permitting the devil which  could mean that you are spending more time with things and people that say things that only the person of the devil can say!!! Life is full of choices but please remember that the choice of the who will be the loudest voice in your life is one you cannot be indecisive about….. Selah

Much Love,
T. H. A. D.A


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